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Hi. I'm Adam, mercenary library scientist currently residing in Mountain View, California.

I make things on the web. Sometimes they turn out to be fun. I co-created, which was a site that helped nerds and hipsters connect and communicate, and ü a daily comedy webzine. is my personal web site where I write and create things almost every day.

I made nestography, a video game art thing.

My day job used to be related to books but now it's not.

I wrote about folksonomies while getting a Masters degree in library science.

Between college classes I wrote early 1999 weblogs - blueblog and webloglog - and invented Google Bombing. I still showed up enough to earn a degree in computer science

You can contact me by sending mail to adam@ this domain or using other methods

Me elseshere includes Twitter tweets · Flickr photos · Upcoming events · Tumblr leftovers · Delicious links · LiveJournal hypocrisy · Unused Metafilterings

Older matrials here include previous versions of this page, an outdated list of me on other sites, and academic writings.

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