Application to Date Adam Mathes

well, not anymore

This page is completely out of date and I graduated college a long time ago and is left here purely for historical value.

Hi. there used to be this "application to date me" here, and it was funny and clever and entertaining.

But it turns out that I'm completely incapable of dating. Well, maybe not completely incapable, but I've always felt that I should go with my strengths, and dating is definitely not one of them.

Besides, dating is awkward and stress-filled and stupid.

After careful thought, I've decided I really don't want a girl to go on dates with.

Really, I'm just looking for a girl who will enjoy watching the Powerpuff Girls with me.

So, I'm revising this to be:

Application to Watch Powerpuff Girls Episodes with Adam in a Non-Committal, Un-date-like Way


Familiarity with the Powerpuff Girls is recommended, purple hair is highly recommended, but neither are required.

Apply here.

No convenient web application interface thing because I'm too lazy right now.

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